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TS600 Rail Eurorack Mounting Templates

We've made some quick tools to make mounting TS-600 vector rails in DIY eurorack cases much easier. Specifically these are drill templates for 2d printing, laser-cutting, or 3d printing, and a stencil for directly laser-cutting mounting holes.

Hole-drilling template for 3d-printingHole-drilling template for 2d-printing or laser cuttingHole-location file for directly laser cutting TS600 mounting holesDrawing of a single TS600 profile with mounting holes
 Template for 2d-printing / laser cutting a TS600 mouting hole drill templateTemplate for directly laser cutting TS600 mounting holesSingle TS600 rail profile

These files are all generated by an OpenSCAD source file found in the repo below in case you want to modify anything.

You can find all the files in the CAD repository on our github.