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Crows Eurorack Laser Panels

This app is used to generate dxf or svg outline files you can use to laser cut custom panels for your eurorack synthesizer modules.

Made by Crows Electromusic, for you. This app is open source - feel free to build something new with it.

Panel setup
Width (HP):
Doepfer Insets:
Screw configuration:
Margins (mm):
Add Feature
TypeSizePositionRelative to



There are three formats that fall under the "Eurorack" name. 3U, which is the standard height modules, and two competing 1U "tile" variations:

  • 1U "Pulp Logic" tiles follow the spec laid out by PulpLogic and are mm high
  • 1U "Intellijel" tiles follow the spec laid out by Intellijel and are mm high

The difference is that intellijel tiles will work with any rails (at the cost of not sitting flush with the row above it), while pulplogic tiles will only work with "vector" style rails that don't have any kind of a lip at the top + bottom.

Doepfer Insets

In the original spec, the actual width of a eurorack panel is slightly less than the calculated width, to leave a small space between panels. This part of the spec isn't always followed.


This is the space to leave around the hole created for a feature. For example, a rotary potentiometer with a 6mm shaft needs a hole larger than 6mm in order to be able to move, and to leave space for differences in individual potentiometers positioning on the board. This is applied as a radius, so a margin of 0.4mm applied to a 6mm hole gives a 6. 8mm diamter hole. We use 0.4mm.

Patch Points

Examples of the type of patch points here

Rotary Potentiometers

Examples of the type of rotary pots here

Slide Potentiometers

Examples of the type of pots here

Toggle Switches

Examples of the type of toggles here


Examples of the type of leds here

Getting panels cut

There are many online services that will laser cut something out for you, but we recommned finding a local hacker space / maker space and learning to laser yourself, or finding someone in your community with a laser cutter and a soft spot for synth nerds. You might make a new friend, and you'll definitely save some money.

Validating the design

If you're laser cutting these yourself, we strongly recommend cutting them out in cardboard first, to validate everything is positioned correctly. If you're sending them off to be cut, you can print them out on paper and cut out the holes with an exacto-knife.

Cutting order

Make sure to cut out the holes first. Once you've cut the outline of your panel, it can move out of place, and cause the holes to be in the wrong place. These files don't include a cut order, so you'll have to add that manually before cutting.

Other projects

There are other projects that tackle generating synth panels, if you're interested in trying a project with a different focus, check out:

Rules used to generate these panels
  • Eurorack panels are mm high
  • Eurorack screws are inset mm from each side
  • Eurorack screw holes are mm in diamter
  • 1 HP is mm
  • Screw hole spacing is calculated as max(module_hp - 3, 0) * 1HP
  • The exported files make NO attempt to account for laser kerf width.