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Service & repairs

OVUM comes with a 1 year technical defects warrenty. If your OVUM breaks due to defect within a year of original purchase we will fix or replace it for no cost except shipping to our workshop.

For out of warranty repairs, the most economical solution is usually going to be to repair it yourself or with help from a friend. We've made efforts to make the design repairable, and the schematic is available (see note below). If you fix a problem, or make a modification, please send us a description of the problem and how you fixed it - we'd love to share it to allow others to follow in your footsteps. To send your OVUM to us for repair, we charge a flat repair fee of $80 USD which includes shipping the unit back to you, but does not include shipping the unit to us.

To arrange a return, email us at


Every OVUM owner is entitled to the circuit schematic, to enable modifications and repairs. Please send a photo of your OVUM including the serial number to and we'll send you the schematic.

OVUM Manual

Download the OVUM user manual here: pdf