analog sound explorer – $129 USD

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OVUM is where you start: a standalone all-analog tool for exploratory sound synthesis - all you need to start creating is headphones.

OVUM is designed for exploring pure tones, drones, and microtonal sound textures. Five independently controlled triangle-core oscillators give you five lush voices to layer and evolve. Each voice has a separate control for volume, pitch, and tone, and can be switched between a bright square wave and a crisp triangle wave.

OVUM is hand-built from 100% analog circuitry, with no digital components, screens, quantization, or key-combinations to memorize - everything is immediate and at your fingertips.

OVUM is enclosed in a beautiful and sturdy wood and aluminum case that feels as good in your hands as it looks on your tabletop.

OVUM has a USB-C port for power, and a single 3.5mm audio output jack for headphones or line-out to connect to an amplifier, audio interface, or effects.

To reduce waste, by default OVUM comes with just the instrument and a USB to USB-C power cable. If you don't have a spare USB power supply, they can be added to your purchase at checkout. OVUM is portable, but does not contain a battery. It can be powered by any USB powerbank.