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This site is very privacy-conscious. We collect as little information as possible, and use it for as little as possible. We do not use any third party analytics or include any social media or advertising trackers on the site. Specifics of exactly what information we collect and how it is used can be found below.

Access logs - We collect your IP address, browser "user agent", and referring site url, as part of the server access logs. Logs are automatically deleted after 15 days, and are occasionally looked at by a human to check how people are finding us, and how many people are finding us. This information is never saved anywhere else or sent to a third party.

Cookies - This site will store a cookie in your browser only if you add an item to your cart, or click the checkout button. These cookies are used to store what you've added to your cart, and recall your checkout session if you want to leave the checkout and return to it later. None of them are used for marketing, or any other kind of tracking.

Payment & shipping information - When you make a purchase our payment provider, Stripe, will collect your shipping and payment information in accordance with their privacy policy. We rely entirely on Stripe to store this information, and do not copy it or store it anywhere else or send it to any third party business or service - with the exception of when we use your address, phone number, and email address to ship your order to you with Canada Post.

Email list - If you subscribe to our email list, your email address will be stored by Mailchimp (Intuit Inc.) in accordance with their privacy policy, and we will occassionally use it to send you an email. We never store your email anywhere else or send to a third party.